Rupes Polishing Compounds

BAPI Car Care carries the full line of Rupes polishing compounds.  Each of these compounds works by using precision-milled aluminium oxide particles and is infused with long lasting lubricants to maximize working time.  The Rupes filler-free formula used in each of these compounds ensures that paint defect removal is permanent.  The course Zephir and medium Quarz compounds cut away a thin layer of paint to deal with severe defects. The fine Keramik compound cuts away a thin layer of paint and burnishes the underlying surface and the ultra fine Diamond compound burnishes the paint surface to perfection.  Use these polishing compounds before waxing and sealing your paint job for outstanding results.

Rupes Zephir Gloss 250ml

RUPES Zephir Gloss (Coarse Gel Compound) is ideal for removing severe paint defects.  If your paint job is suffering from oxidation, stains, or deep scratches, this highly abrasive water-based gel will take care of them.

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Use the Rupes Blue Coarse Foam Pads with the Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Gel Compound

Rupes 80/100 Blue PadRupes 130/150 Blue Pad,  or Rupes 155/180 Blue Pad

Rupes 155/180 Blue Pad

Rupes Quarz Gloss 250ml


RUPES Quarz Gloss (Medium Gel Compound) is a moderately abrasive  gel that removes deep paint defects, including fine scratches, light oxidation and brush-inflicted swirl marks.

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Use the Rupes Green Medium Foam Pads with the Rupes Quarz Gloss Medium Gel Compound

 Rupes 80/100 Green PadRupes 130/150 Green Pad , or Rupes 155/180 Green Pad 

Rupes 155/180 Green Pad

Rupes Keramic Gloss Fine 250ml


RUPES Keramik Gloss (Fine Gel Compound) is a mildly abrasive gel for removal of minor paint defects making it a good choice of finishing polish.  The Rupes Keramik Gloss compound will take care of  wash marring, faint swirl marks, and machine holograms with ease.

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Use the Rupes Yellow Polishing Foam Pad with the Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Polish

Rupes 80/100 Yellow Pad, Rupes 130/150 Yellow Pad , or Rupes 155/180 Yellow Pad

Rupes 155/180 Yellow Pad


Rupes Diamond Ultra fine 250ml

RUPES Diamond Gloss (Ultra Fine Gel Compound) is  designed to maximize surface gloss. It burnishes painted surfaces to perfection.  The ultra-fine abrasives in Diamond Gloss cut paint back at the finest scale imaginable, smoothing micro-defects and creating a flat finish.   The result is a deep and reflective paint job.

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Use the Rupes White Finishing Foam Pad with the Rupes Diamond Ultra Fine Gel Polish

Rupes 80/100 White Pad, Rupes 130/150 White Pad , or Rupes 155/180 White Pad

Rupes 155/180 White Finishing Pad

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