Cleaning Your Rupes Polishing Pads

Cleaning Your Rupes Polishing Pads

Polishing pads will absorb the oils and other chemicals along with abrasives from the polishes that you use in your detailing jobs. It is best to clean your pads soon after finishing a job, or even in the middle of the job if it is a large one. To easily and cheaply clean your pads, soften them by holding them under running warm water, pour a few dropsĀ of biodegradable dish soap in center of pad and, while supporting the pad from the bottom, work the soap toward the edges with your thumbs while turning the pad. After soap is worked completely into the pad, continue working it under running warm water until suds and cleaning residue is completely gone. Squeeze out excess water and allow pad to air dry with the backing surface facing up to prevent water from settling at the backing and disturbing the glue holding the backing and the foam together.

Rupes 80/100 White Finishing Pad Polishing PadsRupes 80/100 Green Pad Polishing Pads

Rupes 80/100 Blue Pad Polishing Pads

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