Car Care

Car CareWeather and the environment can do harsh things to your car. Sun, rain, snow, ice, and salt can all cause damage . Bristol Automotive Parts BAPI Car Care carries everything you need to protect your car, or restore it to it’s original luster. Whether you are doing a complete car detailing job or a simple car wash, we have the products you need from the finest micro-fiber towels and polishing pads to rubbing compounds, polish, and wax. You will find industry leading products from Sonax, Meguiar’s, and Mothers.

If your car’s interior needs attention, BAPI Car Care carries Sonax products to do the job. You can find SONAX Dashboard Cleaner, SONAX Leather Foam, SONAX Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner, SONAX Glass Cleaner, and SONAX Plastic Restorer Gel. We also carry what you need to clean and restore your headlights, as well as your tires and trim.

Whatever your car care needs, whatever the season, you can find it at Bristol Automotive Parts in Bristol Indiana, or on-line at BAPI Car Care.




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