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Protect Your Car Finish With Sonax

SONAX Hybrid NPT Liquid Wax or SONAX Profiline Polymer Net Shield.

SONAX Polymer Net Shield combines Organic & Inorganic components that create a bonded network of car finish protection against the elements. The application process is quick & easy; takes only 15 minutes to treat a medium-sized vehicle. Produces excellent water repellancy for up to 6 months.

car finish protection

SONAX Hybrid NPT (Net Polymer Technology) Liquid Wax achieves exceptional long-lasting protection & a high, brilliant gloss shine. Special Inorganic & Organic components bond together during application creating a strong barrier & a very flat surface. Takes only 15 minutes to apply a single coat of Hybrid NPT to a medium sized vehicle.  Hybrid NPT Liquid Wax is applied most effectively with a damp application sponge. Spread a very fine layer over the paint surface and wipe off. If the residue is difficult to remove, you’ve applied to much product.

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Detailing With Rupes

The first thing to keep in mind when approaching a detailing job is there are no absolutes.  Every job will be unique based on the history of the surface to be detailed.  You may be working on a factory prepared surface with properly applied clear coats, or a surface repainted one or more times and protected with harder or softer clear coats, depending on the quality of the previous work.  The surfaces may be flat or undulating, depending on the “style” of the vehicle being detailed.  You may also need to deal with flaws in the surface, from dimples to deep scratches.  You could be detailing a car in an enclosed space, or out in the open.  All of this means you should be flexible in the contents of your detailing bag, maintaining polishing pads of different densities and sizes and heavy, medium, and light polishing compounds.  Plan out your detailing job before starting your work .  A good plan will ensure you have the proper materials in place when you need them, and that you won’t overextend the capabilities of the products you use by trying to do too much at one time.

Divide your project into manageable parts instead of trying to work one process over the entire vehicle at once.  For instance, work one fender or door at a time and plan to process the hood in quarters instead of all in one pass. Choose your materials based on the characteristics of the surface, or surfaces, to be detailed. Break down your job into it’s component parts: sanding, polishing, and protecting; and decide which materials are needed for each section of your project.

For the sanding segment of your project we recommend using the Rupes X-Cut Foam Abrasive discs.  These sanding discs are optimized for wet sanding, leaving a great finish without a deep scratch.  Paired with the Rupes soft interface, these sanding disks will mold to curves in your work surface.  Use of the X-Cut Foam Abrasive sanding discs will reduce your compound polishing time and quickly bring you to your desired gloss level.  The X-Cut Foam Abrasive discs come in three grit levels: the P1500 provides a coarse sanding pass to quickly smooth out the scratches and imperfections in your work surface; the P2000 is the “medium” grit disc to be used when the work surface is already relatively smooth, or as a bridge between the P1500 and the P3000 fine grit sanding disc used in the final sanding pass prior to polishing the surface you are working.

The Rupes system offers five choices in high performance polishing compounds.  ZEPHIR GLOSS is used to remove marks produced by grains down to P1500 and is designed to be used with a dense, or hard, buffing pad.  QUARZ GLOSS is used to remove superficial scratches and marks produced by grains down to P2500, and things like car wash brushes.  KERAMIK GLOSS is a fine abrasive designed for use with a medium-hard buffing pad and is excellent for operations after the use of P3000 microabrasives.  DIAMOND is an ultra-fine abrasive that provides a showroom finish applied with a medium-hard buffing pad.  Rupes also offers UHS EASY GLOSS for use with scratch resistant and high solid ceramic paints.  All of the Rupes polishing compounds produce excellent results without leaving halos and holograms.

Pair your polishing compound(s) with the Rupes polishing pad best suited for the work surface being processed.  Rupes offers five compound pads and two microfiber polishing pads to choose from.  The compound pads are all high performance pads for use with orbital polishers and have cell structures that range from coarse to ultra-fine.  The Rupes Blue Pad is a coarse polishing pad ideal for removing scratches and restoring paint jobs.  The large dimension of the Blue Pad cells dissipates heat build-up optimizing the polishing compounds performance.  The Rupes Green Pad is a medium compound pad, primarily for use with medium gel abrasives such as the QUARZ GLOSS polish, however, the Green Pad’s characteristics make it a good choice for use with any polishing compound if your choice of pads is limited.  The Rupes Yellow Pad is a versatile pad with a fine cell structure and a medium-hard consistency, making it ideal for use with the KERAMIK GLOSS and DIAMOND polishing compounds.  The Rupes White Finishing Pad is an ultra fine compound pad for use with ultra fine gel polishing compounds.  This finishing pad has a very fine cell structure and soft consistency making it beautifully suitable for convex surfaces and irregular shapes, such as those found on sports cars and vintage vehicles.  Use this pad with DIAMOND polishing compound for a “show car” finish.

Rupes has patented an innovative microfiber polishing pad manufactured using a polyurethane resin directly injected between the velcro interface and the microfiber fabric providing a stable and secure bond without the use of adhesives.  These unique polishing pads have a beveled edge allowing conformability to convex shapes during the polishing process.  These polishing pads are comfortable and easy to use and can greatly reduce polishing cycle times.  Rupes offers two microfiber polishing pads, a blue cutting pad and a yellow finishing pad.  The Blue Cutting pads features a short, dense microfiber perfect for use with heavy cutting polishing compounds.  The Yellow Finishing pad features a long, soft microfiber for use with ultra fine polishing compounds.. Both pads produce high quality results.



Water and surface protectants

Water and surface protectants

Water is composed of two hydrogen atoms bonded to a single oxygen atom and is referred to as a polar molecule. Like small magnets water molecules like to stick to one another. This is called cohesion. Water molecules also can be attracted to other substances, such as metal or dirt, especially if they have some static charge on them. This is called adhesion. Some substances, including oils, fats, and waxes, are not attracted to water and even repel it. These are called non-polar substances. Everywhere water interacts with another surface, both adhesion and cohesion are factors. When cohesion is more of a factor, water forms spherical droplets. When adhesion is more of a factor, water forms into sheets.

When water falls on an car unprotected by wax or some other sealant, adhesion is almost as strong as cohesion and the water spreads out into sheets. If the surface is not perfectly smooth water can be channeled along ridges and valleys. Dirt on a car can be “charged” and attract water even more. These tiny flaws may not be readily visible, but on such a surface drops of water appear flat, wide, and often uneven. When properly applied to a clean car, waxes and polishes fill in the larger scratches and layer the whole car. The chemical structure of waxes and other protectants prevent water from penetrating to the surface of the car. Since the protectants are hydrophobic (literally “fears water”), adhesion is much less a factor than cohesion so the water is more likely to stick to itself, beading up higher and rounder than on an unprotected car.





Cleaning Your Rupes Polishing Pads

Cleaning Your Rupes Polishing Pads

Polishing pads will absorb the oils and other chemicals along with abrasives from the polishes that you use in your detailing jobs. It is best to clean your pads soon after finishing a job, or even in the middle of the job if it is a large one. To easily and cheaply clean your pads, soften them by holding them under running warm water, pour a few drops of biodegradable dish soap in center of pad and, while supporting the pad from the bottom, work the soap toward the edges with your thumbs while turning the pad. After soap is worked completely into the pad, continue working it under running warm water until suds and cleaning residue is completely gone. Squeeze out excess water and allow pad to air dry with the backing surface facing up to prevent water from settling at the backing and disturbing the glue holding the backing and the foam together.

Rupes 80/100 White Finishing Pad Polishing PadsRupes 80/100 Green Pad Polishing Pads

Rupes 80/100 Blue Pad Polishing Pads


Orange peel removal

Orange peel removal

Break up your surface work area into manageable sizes, for instance process 1/4 of your hood area at a time instead of trying to work the entire hood in one pass. Start by wet sanding the surface with Rupes X-Cut Foam Abrasive P1500. The 1500 grit sanding disc is great for the first two or three passes over the work area surface, smoothing without creating deep scratches. To wet sand, attach the 1500 grit foam abrasive directly to your Rupes orbital polisher. For sanding, you will want to keep to no more than a 12mm orbit, making the Rupes LHR 12E Duetto the perfect tool for this job. Lightly mist the surface area to be worked with water from a spray bottle, turn on your orbital polisher and work the X-Cut Foam Abrasive sanding disc over the work surface in overlapping vertical and then horizontal strokes. You will want to follow up the P1500 with two or three passes with the X-Cut Foam Abrasive P2000, and finish up sanding the work area with one to three passes with the X-Cut Foam Abrasive P3000. There is no need to apply pressure to the sander, simply guide the sander letting the orbital motion do it’s work. After passing over the work surface a couple of times (misting with water when needed), stop your orbital sander and gently wipe the worked surface with a soft, Image Control, microfiber towel.

When you are finished sanding you should have a smooth surface, ready for your polishing compound. You will need to decide on the cutting power of your polishing compound and the polishing pad you will apply it with. The Rupes system offers many choices in high performance polishing pads, giving you the flexibility to address any type of detailing job you come across. You can select between four different compound pads with, course, medium, fine, and ultra-fine cell structures. You also have the option of going with the innovative Rupes microfiber polishing pads.


Rupes Polishing Compounds

BAPI Car Care carries the full line of Rupes polishing compounds.  Each of these compounds works by using precision-milled aluminium oxide particles and is infused with long lasting lubricants to maximize working time.  The Rupes filler-free formula used in each of these compounds ensures that paint defect removal is permanent.  The course Zephir and medium Quarz compounds cut away a thin layer of paint to deal with severe defects. The fine Keramik compound cuts away a thin layer of paint and burnishes the underlying surface and the ultra fine Diamond compound burnishes the paint surface to perfection.  Use these polishing compounds before waxing and sealing your paint job for outstanding results.

Rupes Zephir Gloss 250ml

RUPES Zephir Gloss (Coarse Gel Compound) is ideal for removing severe paint defects.  If your paint job is suffering from oxidation, stains, or deep scratches, this highly abrasive water-based gel will take care of them.

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Use the Rupes Blue Coarse Foam Pads with the Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Gel Compound

Rupes 80/100 Blue PadRupes 130/150 Blue Pad,  or Rupes 155/180 Blue Pad

Rupes 155/180 Blue Pad

Rupes Quarz Gloss 250ml


RUPES Quarz Gloss (Medium Gel Compound) is a moderately abrasive  gel that removes deep paint defects, including fine scratches, light oxidation and brush-inflicted swirl marks.

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Use the Rupes Green Medium Foam Pads with the Rupes Quarz Gloss Medium Gel Compound

 Rupes 80/100 Green PadRupes 130/150 Green Pad , or Rupes 155/180 Green Pad 

Rupes 155/180 Green Pad

Rupes Keramic Gloss Fine 250ml


RUPES Keramik Gloss (Fine Gel Compound) is a mildly abrasive gel for removal of minor paint defects making it a good choice of finishing polish.  The Rupes Keramik Gloss compound will take care of  wash marring, faint swirl marks, and machine holograms with ease.

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Use the Rupes Yellow Polishing Foam Pad with the Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Polish

Rupes 80/100 Yellow Pad, Rupes 130/150 Yellow Pad , or Rupes 155/180 Yellow Pad

Rupes 155/180 Yellow Pad


Rupes Diamond Ultra fine 250ml

RUPES Diamond Gloss (Ultra Fine Gel Compound) is  designed to maximize surface gloss. It burnishes painted surfaces to perfection.  The ultra-fine abrasives in Diamond Gloss cut paint back at the finest scale imaginable, smoothing micro-defects and creating a flat finish.   The result is a deep and reflective paint job.

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Use the Rupes White Finishing Foam Pad with the Rupes Diamond Ultra Fine Gel Polish

Rupes 80/100 White Pad, Rupes 130/150 White Pad , or Rupes 155/180 White Pad

Rupes 155/180 White Finishing Pad


Use A Grit Guard Insert For A Scratch Free Car Wash

Grit Guard

BAPI Car Care carries a wide variety of products designed to help you clean and protect your vehicle, including the innovative Grit Guard Insert. The insert is designed to fit in the bottom of your wash buck and keep the dirt and grime separate from your wash mitt or towel. Just rub your mitt over the guard and the dirt and grime separates and settles to the bottom of your bucket. This handy device breaks the dirty water into four areas preventing disturbance and keeping dirt away from your wash mitt. Using the Grit Guard will help provide a scratch and swirl mark free wash.


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Sonax Quality Car Care Products


SONAX has been a leading car care product manufacturer since 1950, constantly improving and expanding their product portfolio.  Sonax sets the stage for all car care products.  Produced in Germany, Sonax products have benefited from more than 60 years of research and development.  The company adheres to strict standards and strives for constant product improvement.  Many of the Sonax products have been certified or approved by car manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi and Opel/GM.  BAPI Car Care carries 70 different SONAX car care products that come in four categories: Deluxe Paint Care; Paint Cleaning & Care; Wheel Cleaning & Tire Care; and Interior and Screen Care. Browse and order all your Car Care needs at BAPI Car Care, or come in to Bristol Automotive Parts in Bristol Indiana, the best source for auto parts and accessories in Elkhart county and the rest of Northern Indiana.

Sonax Car Care Products

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Carnauba Wax, Premium Class, From Sonax

SONAX Premium Class Carnauba Wax 

SONAX Premium Class Carnauba Wax provides a high level of protection for your vehicle paint job.  This quality wax protects against weathering and environmental hazards.  Easily polished out, this premium wax provides a radiant shine with no greasy smears.

This is the ultimate paste wax for new and prepared paint surfaces. The high concentration of Brazilian Yellow Carnauba wax, protects reliably and provides a tremendous warmth & depth of shine to your paint. Carnauba wax has a high melting point and natural UV resistance making it a natural choice for car wax.
Sonax Carnauba Wax

Premium Sonax car care products can be ordered here, or purchased from BAPI Car Care at Bristol Automotive Parts in Bristol Indiana.

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Rupes Random Orbital Polishers

Rupes Random Orbital Polishers




BAPI Car Care carries a variety of Rupes Random Orbital Polishing tools including the LHR 21ES, the LHR 15ES, the LHR 12E Duetto, the LHR 74E Mini, and the LHR 75 Mini. These precisely engineered polishers provide several superior features to help you get your finishing job done. You will achieve excellent results in up to 40% less time while going through less compound. Rupes polishers are easy to use and are more energy efficient than traditional polishers. Rupes random orbital polishers will not leave micro scratches behind (known as holograms), and eliminate the risk of “burning” the clear coat by maintaing the superficial temperature within acceptable limits.

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